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London Liars' tours are your opportunity to hear some top tales, tell outrageous stories and perform on the streets of London as well as winning excellent prizes. These interactive walks work like a normal tour with a guide telling tales at a number of stops but at each stop members of the tour also read out a couple of tales one of which is improbably true the other a plausible lie. The audiance then splits according to which story they believe in those who spot the true one get a nice token and the pleasure of watching those who choose the wrong one perform a forfeit loosely connected with the story told.

The person with the most tokens at the end wins the prize (in the event of a tie there is a penalty shoot out style "lie off").

We see this as part of a popular initiative to reclaim street fibbing for the ordinary person.

These tours start at 100 for up to 12 people and 150 for up to 20. After that it's an extra 5.00 per person. They are available currently in Blackfriars, Bloomsbury, City, Chelsea, London Bridge, Kensington, Spitalfields, Vauxhall and South Bank / Strand. There is also ghost themed liars' tour.

London Liars' Tours

As featured in the Guardian (London's Top Ten Walks) and the Sunday Times travel magazine.

Based on an idea by Holly Gramazio and developed by Silvana Maimone.These more interactive tours are great for work groups, team building and those interested in a more involved walking experience.

If you fail to spot the lies you'll get the opportunity to sing, dance and orate on the streets of London. There are chances to eat cheese, drink gin, suck lemons and act like an assassin.

However it's more fun watching others do these and claiming the coveted prizes.

You can book by emailing walks (at) londonstreettours.co.uk


Frost Fair Fibs : Tour of the Thames side looping over London and Southwark Bridges featuring strange tales and fab fibs involving London's mayors, bridges, rivers and folklore.

City Canards : Monument to Fenchurch Street via the Tower of London. Full of delicious deceptions and dodgy dissimulations about the river Thames, business, royalty and cheese.

Eastern Evasions - Tour of the area around Spitalfields Market featuring some truly barking tales of lost cats, hidden weapons, using guide books aggressively as well the usual East End guff about migration, market traders and Marxism.

Fawkshall fabrications : Vauxhall, Pimlico and Lambeth lies featuring iffy river stories, odd architecture and unlikely vegetation. Circular tour covering spies, art, royalty and bridges as well as the opportunity to make an offering to a river, sing a Philly Soul classic and raise a ghost.

Fibbing Phantoms : There are many ancient and oft told ghost stories in Old London town. There are also some that are just made up. Walking tour professionals refer to this type of thing as a "tour mash up" we just see it as opportunity to tell top tales, see some iconic London sites watch people perform.

Kngs' Road Cons : Tour of Chelsea which might mention dogs on sticks, lavatory humour, secret agents, phantom Eskimos, wombats, ultra violence and suicidal sea captains. All of this plus the story of Diana Dors and John Betjeman, Wellington's duel and the Green Door.

Liars around Blackfriars: Tour of the area around Blackfriars featuring pig faced princesses, herds of feral swine, mafia hits and strange religions. If you fail to spot the fibs you may end up speaking Welsh, dancing Scottish or singing Jerusalem.

Museum mendacity : A tour of Bloomsbury featuring strange ghosts, substance abuse, literary greats and violent street disorder. We cannot of course guarantee the street disorder or indeed ghosts actually appearing but there will be some very hard to spot fabrications and interesting forfeits involving lemon sucking, pop song singing and flowers.

Pool of London porkies : Circular tour crossing both London and Tower Bridges featuring tall tales about animals, food, warfare and nursery rhymes amongst others. You may end up impersonating a pirate, meowing like a cat or being led blind fold. You may also win some lovely prizes.

South Bank and Strand sophistry :  Charing Cross to Festive Hall featuring daft statues, strange buildings, odd shops and all manner of improbable London stories.

W8 Whoppers : Kensington High Street and Gardens featuring spies, royalty, shopping and some Carry On characters.